The control system of LED display includes synchronous video control system and independent LED video control system, plus the play edit software separately.
The synchronous LED video control system can display the image synchronously with the PC screen; the image on the LED display corresponds with the PC screen. It is controlled by PC directly.
Independent LED video display control system can show the word and image which is deposited in the portable memory card (like USB flash disk) in advance. It is unnecessary to be connected with PC.
LED video control system can display the following files,
text file, word file, all image file BMP/JPG/GIF/PCX…),all video file MPG/MPEG/MPV/MPA/AVI/VCD/DVD/SWF/
Synchronous LED video control system can display the image which is showing on the PC screen. The whole system includes sending card and receiving card, which is controlled by the PC.

Completely Compatible with the Seventh Generation Control System
The eighth generation is developed based on the seventh. Compared with the seventh, the eighth has all the functions of the seventh. Moreover, the eighth is more functional, more powerful, more stable and more reliable.
Supporting 210 colors
The seventh supports 28 colors: 28*28*28=16777216 kinds of colors.
The eighth supports 210 colors: 210*210*210=1073741824 kinds of colors. It needs to work with our video processors using the 30 bits TTL.
So the coloring number of the eighth is 64 times as much as that of the seventh.
The intelligent connecting function
Without resetting the configurations, the receiving cards (including spare ones) of the same LED display/cabinet can be randomly exchanged or replaced, for they will automatically recognize the showing area and content they are responsible for.