Who we are & what we do

LED Display Screen | China Manufacturer

Led Lite Vision is located in the famous place called Shenzhen, a new technology industrial development area.
The company is a highly modern enterprise composed by The Shenzhen University and the mainstay of the company. It depends on the vast scientific research and the technical staff from The Shenzhen University to develop and give life to this high-tech industry. It mainly takes place in the research production and marketing of electronic screens with LED technology, besides its own software and hardware for the related products.

The company gathered technical talents who have worked in electronic LED screen lines and in the correlative industry for many years, and 80% of them have a master degree or a professional title in technology.

As an electronic LED screens representative, the company developed and produced its own high-tech products series under OEM mode which has been acquitted by other companies. It has also been installed in banks, shop stations, docks, supermarkets, government transaction certificate centers, revenues, employment offices, labor exchange, airports, shopping malls, post offices, telecommunication offices, hospitals, highway, urban traffic, theaters, television, shows, etc. It has received good acceptance from all the companies and users, creating considerate social and economic benefits for each of them.


LED Lite Vision has a mission for total satisfaction for the international client through an important distribution and commercialization network from these strategic locations since they can carry out shopping together, reducing costs and simplifying logistics aspects.


After 10 years of constant development with wide user companies targeting our LED technology screens, Opto Technical Technology Co., Ltd states the need to create our own solid brand. It shall focus directly on the entertainment industry and market with the perfect combination between quality and price.
Our company maintains the persistent principle of living the best to create a profitable business atmosphere for our future and present users in 2007 a new line of LED technology screens specially designed for Touring.